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Swapping Session at SFCC
(Sustainable Fashion C
ommunity Center)
October 7th, 2021

In-person event happened on Thursday October 7th, Noon to 1pm at Sustainable Fashion Community Center in East Harlem (near 110th street station on 6 train.) 


FREE Swapping Session with aricoco!!!

This was a part of PIPORNOT: Superorganismic Upcycling&Mending 2021 virtual&physical programs supported by New York City Artists Corps.


Participants were invited to first, clean out your closet then bring the clothing items (including shoes, bags and other accessories) to the swapping session. When they checked in at the Welcome Desk, the staff weighed what they brought in. We then started browsing through the shop, which was a spacious and safe space with a fitting room, a photo backdrop for some selfie-moments.  (The amount that participants could take was limited to 10 items.) 

Sustainable Fashion Community Center offers regular swap sessions with a very reasonable ticket price!  More info on this venue:

Guest Stylist

Catherine Schuller

Cat 1.jpg







Catherine Schuller is an industry pioneer having been one of the first plus size models in the early 80's when the plus size market was just beginning.  She was told multiple times to lose weight and became disheartened with the profession and instead started studying acting and created a comedy group called The Nerve! to fly in the face of non conformity and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual.  SHe was discovered by Plus Models and soon was signed to Ford Models - when asked by a booker to explore becoming a plus model she said, "You should write for my act!"  She used the platform of diversity and size acceptance and built a career on fashion and image as one the first spokesperson's for the field.  Partnering with Sue Nanfeldt who wrote the book Plus Style: The Plus Guide to Looking Great she wrote The Ultimate Plus Size Modeling Guide.  The two created Emerging Visions Enterprises (EVE) and later went on to become Fashion Retail Editor of MODE Magazine, after MODE's closing she started CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion which led to becoming Media Spokesperson for Charming Shoppes and Catherine's Plus Sizes. In 2004, she was invited to be the Image and Style Advisor of Divabetic, a charity outreach for women living with diabetes. From there she created Model Maker Mentors, Runway the Real Way and joined forces as Fashion Curator and Creative Director for hiTechMODA.  She started delvng into sustainability joining NYC Fair Trade Coalition and created ReGen Runway which she produced with hiTechMODA at the National Geographic Encounter venue for three seasons.  She works with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and is Honorary Advisor for the Impact Awards for 2021.  An ever present force in the plus market she is currently contributing to WARDROBE, a closet rental, fashion sharing site with her section entitled Curated Curvy. 


President of Catherine Schuller Enterprises, LLC 

Catherine Schuller Enterprises LLC is comprised of several different entities all serving the diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability aspects of the fashion industry.  As a member of NYC Fair Trade Coalition and a featured member of Fashion Mingle, Catherine is constantly networking and connecting her many resources to engage in communication and creating projects to further her company’s mission.  She began her career as an actress and model in the late 70s and was told to lose weight at every turn. She sought revenge in comedy and helped create with her acting/writing partners an original cabaret act called The Nerve! confronting corporate America’s yuppie-era politics with Reaganomics and Moral Majority uprisings at the time.  The Nerve! flew in the face of conformity and celebrated individuality and uniqueness. A perfect size 14W, she joined the plus size industry in its nascent stage and got “bit with the diversity bug” and never stopped championing the fashion underdog. She created Emerging Visions Enterprises, LLC an event production entity and went on to become an Editor at MODE Magazine and created the first indie designer showcase CurveStyle: Reshaping Fashion which debuted in 2002 after MODE’s untimely closing.  She was Fashion Curator at the Yotel and Novotel with her successful brunch entitled Runway the Real Way: Fashion Diversity on the Inclusive Catwalk, which won accolades as the “Most Consistent Fashion Event in NYC.” She calls herself the Fashion Fairy Godmother as she develops new talent with her passion to help beginners with her belief that she wants to be the person she wishes she had met when she first moved to New York. Model Maker Mentors is her way of giving back and she holds regular workshops for training and experiential opportunity working closely with modeling agencies and casting platforms acting as liaison, helping to discover and develop upcoming models who have the look, drive and ambition to make it in the modeling field.  She teaches at Fashion Institute of Technology where she recently co-produced Business of Curves: Fashion’s Future, ModestWear is not Modest Market for Profit and Potential, GenderNeutral Wear: The Future is Fluid for FIT’s Dean’s Forum with a view towards educating on the incredible opportunities in each of these fashion business niches. She has been Image and Style Advisor for the past 14 years with Divabetic, a charity outreach for women living with, at risk of or affected by the epidemic of diabetes in America today. She teaches sustainability at LIM and is a member of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition.  She recently curated and coordinated models and designers for the world’s largest clothing swap endeavor called DAFT BRUNCH with Common Objective and Global Fashion Exchange. She curates and creative directs for a new Fashion + Tech platform called hiTechMODA: Fashion Forward Innovation and ReGen Runway now in its 4th season at the National Geographic Encounter venue.  Her secret identity is widow and legacy advocate of the legendary Senior Executive Editor, Mark Gruenwald.  He was called the “heart and soul of Marvel Comics” having overseen the continuity and editing for more than 3,000 titles and actually wrote Captain America (1985-1995) longer than any other writer in the history of the famed character.

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