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Superorganismic Sip&Swap @MIKA
October 24th, 2021

Guest Artist, Rosie of Rosina~Mae gave a slide talk on her sustainable fashion practices and upcycling tecqnique, and a strip-making demo using fabric scraps, while leading a Textile Swap.


Participants were invited to bring any of the followings for swapping:

- Fabric scraps of any kind/sizes

- Pieces of unwanted clothing

- Trimmings

- Sewing notions

This physical event culminated "PIPORNOT: Superorganismic Upcycling&Mending" hybrid programs, through which aricoco explored various upcycling and mending methods to reevaluate human overconsumption habits and to find ways to live more sustainbable/superorganismic life together, by drawing a parallel between human societal organization and non-hierarchical systems of social insects.

Guest Artist

Rosie of Rosina~Mae

Sustainable Fashion Designer & Textile Artist / Founder of Rosina~Mae Swimwear (Est.2009) / Climate Activist / Fashion Archivist / Remake Ambassador. 

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Rose Mae Turner (“Rosie”) is a sustainable swimwear designer and textile artist based in NYC. She the founder of Rosina~Mae and is also a climate activist involved with Extinction Rebellion, NoNBKPIPELINE, and Remake.  


Rosina~Mae takes you from “the beach, to the street, to the party.” Ethically produced on demand using recycled, regenerated, vintage, or deadstock fabrics... each collection features patchwork and color blocking techniques. For more check out


Rosie also has a love of fashion history and preserving old things. She enjoys archiving vintage pieces whenever she can. Her personal collection of vintage fashion magazines can be viewed upon request. 

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