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Interview with Sarika

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About Sarika

Sarika is a UN official turned Entrepreneur | Founder of She helps people discover the beauty of Sake and Face Yoga to uplift our faces and spirits! 


Sarika helps Sake beginners discover the beauty of Sake through bespoke Sake education, with an ultimate mission to support the craft of Sake, focusing on sustainable breweries and women working in Sake. 


She has also been recently appointed as Doburoku Ambassador to share the cultural and historic significance of the Origins of Sake.


Sarika also helps women entrepreneurs release facial stress and uplift their attitudes through Face Yoga!


Prior to entrepreneurship, she worked with the United Nations in Asia and Africa on women's rights and sustainable development for a decade, after her Master of Science at the London School of Economics.


Workshops undertaken in-person & online include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Japan Program,  Harvard Business School - Asian American Business Association, Polish Vodka Museum, UK Ambassador's Residence in Vietnam with NGO Hue Help.


She has travelled to over 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe; Lived in 13 countries in 4 continents. She is a mother of two, and married to an Irishman. She loves to eat and drink.

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