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Virtual Runway-Performance Show

The final zoom event on December 27, 2020 culminated our experiments with Tango movements and attempts to integrate them with aricoco’s personal fear of insects, her contradictory interest in social insect colony, and basic scientific knowledge of Division of Labor in ant society gleaned from communicating with a biologist. Leading up to realization of this event, aricoco and her collaborator Miwa created several online programmings including, streaming of Tango follower’s step instruction video (led by Miwa), zoom workshops by our contributor, Leah Barsky (Professional Tango dancer) and her interview video, and interview with a biologist, Dr. Daniel Charbonneau. Those recordings (except the zoom workshops by Leah) are available for viewing here.

During the zoom event, we streamed a video of virtual runway-performance show, featuring participants’ Tango-inspired performances that were recorded and collected via zoom meetings. The video introduced a series of uniforms created by aricoco, that were tailored to fit the needs and roles of insect-human hybrid colony members whose specialized tasks were divided according to Division of Labor. Following the video screening, Miwa led a “virtual milonga (Tango dance party)”, where audiences were invited to try some Tango moves. During the “milonga”, there was a short Tango Barre performance (pre-recorded video) by Leah Barsky. Subsequently, aricoco performed her new piece live from her living room

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