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Call for Participants


Thank you so much for those of you who participated in the recording sessions with us!!! Please join us for the final event scheduled for late December!!!

We are looking for PIPORONT community participants, who are interested in modeling for our virtual runway-performance show! NO PREVIOUS MODELING EXPERIENCE NEEDED!!! Very humble stipend will be provided.


First, you will be asked to watch Miwa’s instruction video to learn some basic Tango follower’s steps. Then, you will be invited to take one online class by a professional Argentine Tango dancer, Leah Barsky, and learn some moves together with other s“models” (limited to 5 participants, and we will pay for the class!) After the class, Miwa and aricoco will set up a zoom meeting with you (or some of you), create Tango-inspired modeling steps together and record your movements. 


If you can’t make the commitment, or miss the chance to take the class, there are other options:


Watch Miwa’s instruction video first, then,


1) Join us in a small group zoom meeting, where you can learn and follow Miwa’s steps so we can record your movements.


2) If you don’t want us to film your full body, let us film your leg movements only! We can set up a zoom meeting to do a recording or you can just sent us footages of your steps.


(Please note: the amount of stipend will differ for each level of participation)


To register, please contact aricoco at and let her know how you would like to participate. She will send you more detail information.


After we collected footages from all the participants, we will superimpose aricoco’s sculptural garments on your footages and put together a virtual runway-performance show and host an online screening event in this winter!


Thank you so much for your love&support!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


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