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(Make do with what we have)
by Kenneth Mah

Kenneth Mah is a recycling crafter/woodworker and an assistant-husband of aricoco

Arumonotsukau project no. 1  - "Salvaged LED light AC-to-DC modification for an emergency use⭐️"

In this short video, Ken shares his habit of salvaging and upcycling

discarded materials by doing a little demo - modifying LED light from AC to DC so that it can be hooked up to different power sources in case of emergency.

Click the image below to see the video:


Arumonotsukau project no. 2 - "Kitchen Timer Battery Replacement Trick⭐️"

When your kitchen timer needs a new battery, but you don't have a spare, too lazy to go out to get one, or your go-to dollar shop is closed... but you happen to have a single Alkaline battery at home! Let's make it work!!!

Click the image below to see the video:

Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 9.26.20 PM copy.jpg

Arumonotsukau project no. 3 - "Let's have a crack at fixing these Bluetooth earbuds!!!"

Let’s watch this repairman in action in the short video!!! Ken tries to fix his friend’s Bluetooth earbuds that don’t charge… This friend doesn’t want to just throw broken stuff into the landfill, we admires such spirit!!! Happy PIPORNOT!!!

Click the image below to see the video:

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 4.44.22 PM.png

Arumonotsukau project no. 4 - Fix handheld mixer switch problem 

In this video, Ken fixes a handheld mixer's switch problem (both forward and reverse buttons). You never know what causes the bad connection until you disassemble the device! It's pretty satisfying when the problem is solved for sure!!!

Click the image below to see the video:

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 8.58.17 PM.png

Arumonotsukau project no. 5 - Save that Mini-Shredder!!!

Don't give up on your broken shredder yet!!! You might still able to revive it!!! Watch Ken detecting a small problem and fixing it with a very simple solution. Let's reduce our waste!!!

Click the image below to see the video:

cover photo.png

Clean Your Electrical Fan!!!

After summer is gone, Ken usually disassemble all the electrical fans we have and wash them inside out. Sounds like a lot of work, but this helps make their lifespan longer = helps us reduce waste!!! And, one of the fan blades of this fan had stopped working, so he had to clean inside the motor as well... and it came alive!!! Simple cleaning is the key to sustainable life!!! Happy PIPORNOT!!!

Electrical Fan Cleaning

Electrical Fan Cleaning

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